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Oculus Quest 64GB

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Product information Oculus Quest 64GB

The Oculus Quest is the first standalone VR headset that can handle room scale VR (6DOF) without a PC or trackers. This allows you to setup and use the Oculus Quest within 3 minutes without hassle. In comparison: the setup time of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can be considerably longer. Furthermore, because the Oculus Quest has no wiring, the experience is very comfortable.

Because the Oculus Quest is not attached to a computer, the Quest can handle less graphically than other VR headsets that work in combination with a PC. Nevertheless, the ‘classic’ room scale VR games (Beat Saber, Tilt Brush, Space pirate trainer) work very well on the Oculus Quest. A disadvantage is that the screencasting to an external screen is unstable.

For the business market, the Oculus Quest is often applied to events in combination with entertainment applications. In addition, the Oculus Quest is also suitable for training, onboarding and experience centers.

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Pros and cons

Room scale VR without PC or trackers


Lots of pre-existing content on the Oculus VR platform

Oculus touch controllers

Fastest setup time for 6DoF

No integrated VR cover

Screen sharing unstable

Cannot handle heavy application

Product specifications

Built-in displayDisplay:OLED DisplayCPU:Snapdragon 835
ControllerRefresh Rate:72HZMemory:64 GB
Built-in audioPlatform:OculusWeight:468 grams
Stand aloneResolution:2880 x 1600Color:Black
6DoFInput:3.5 MM Audio JackMaterial:Plastic
Field of view:100 degreesWarranty:1 year
Comes with:
1x Oculus Quest 64GB2x Touch Controller1x USB-C 3.0 Cable + Charging Block2x AA battery1x Glass spacerVR Expert Quickstart Guide

Product accessories

Product services



We set up your VR and AR headsets for direct use, by preconfiguring the headsets and pre-installing your desired application and or 360° content.

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Support desk

Support desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

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Event support

Event support

Event support on location. Professional support for the AR and VR section of your event.

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Oculus Quest

How is the headset operated?

The headset is operated by two included controllers. These controllers operate on AA batteries.

Can I increase the internal memory?

This is not possible. The device has no SD card slot.

Can I add payment methods to the Oculus Store?

There are different payment methods that you can link. This consists of Mastercard, American express and Visa.

What is the battery life?

When 100% charged, it has a battery life of between 2 and 3 hours.

Is it possible to charge the controllers with a power cable?

The controllers operate on AA batteries. This makes it impossible to charge the controllers with a power cable.

What options do I have with the Oculus app?

With the app you have various options such as downloading applications, switching accounts or installing other oculus products.

Do you have the option to cast to an external screen / monitor?

It is possible to cast to an external screen / monitor.

Does the Oculus Quest have an app store?

Yes, it has a preset app store from which applications are downloaded.

Do I need a phone to install the software of the Oculus Quest?

A phone is required to install the software. It is also possible to purchase applications from the Oculus application on the smartphone.

Can I replace the face cushion?

It is possible to replace the face cushion.

Do you have a multiplayer option?

It is possible to use multiplayer applications. These applications can be downloaded from the Store.

Can I wear the headset if I wear glasses myself?

Yes, it can be used if the user wears glasses.

Can you connect headphones?

The 3.5 MM audio jack makes it possible to connect headphones.

Is the headset suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, it can be used outdoors. Make sure that the device does not get wet or the lenses come into contact with sunlight for a long time.

What are the benefits of the headset?

The Quest’s standalone design makes this system versatile and easy to carry. The headset is especially interesting for console gamers who would like to experience those games in 360 degrees. Almost every review indicates that the optional connection to a PC or laptop adds a lot of extra functionality to this system. This option is called Oculus Link and is available at no additional cost. The software extensions are also appreciated, such as the accurate registration of finger movements with the included controllers, which makes the headset a remarkably versatile standalone virtual reality device.

What is the best use of the Oculus Quest for?

The Quest is initially a virtual reality game console that is suitable for virtual reality games. This is made possible by the room-scale tracking based on four built-in tracking cameras. It is therefore not necessary to install external tracking boxes. After scanning a room with the VR configuration app, the device will remember this layout. When the user comes close to the boundary of the room, a security will automatically activate. Games can be downloaded directly from the included App Store, with both paid and free apps available. The offer mainly consists of games, in addition, there are also productivity apps. The processing is based on a mobile processor, so the graphic quality is somewhat less than with the Rift S. The Quest is considerably more powerful than the GO, this also applies to the controllers that offer much more options than the limited GO controller.

What is meant by Roomscale VR?

Roomscale Virtual Reality stands for a virtual reality experience where the user can move freely in space. This is also known as 6DoF or Six Degrees of Freedom. In a roomscale VR game, the player can walk in the virtual environment, where the space of the room and the range of the tracking modules is the only limiting factor. There are two methods of achieving it; with external tracker boxes or built-in trackers in the virtual reality headset.

How do you connect the Oculus to your smartphone?

You connect the headset to your smartphone via the app. Download the app here for Android and here for iPhone.

How do you install Kiosk mode?

Connect your device to the computer with a suitable USB cable and make sure that developer mode is enabled on your device (s).

For Oculus Quest, go to ( and scroll down to Enable Developer Mode.
For Oculus Go, go to ( and scroll down to Enable Developer Mode.
For Pico, go to
For Android, it is best to search your device name and “Enable Developer Mode” in Google.

Extract the downloaded file and double-click appforcer.bat to install the file. When the open window shows success, you can close the window.

How do you check how much storage space is left?

Go to the settings of the device. Click on ‘Device’ and select the desired WiFi connection. Then enter the password details and your headset is connected to the WiFi.

What is the resolution of the Oculus Quest?

The resolution is 2880 x 1600.

Can you get extra memory?

No, this is not possible.

How do you install the Oculus Quest?

You will find all the information in this video.

Do you have to take your glasses off to use the device?

No, you don’t have to take your glasses off. The headset has enough space to keep wearing your glasses comfortably.

How do you download the Oculus app?

With the supported phone where you want to download the Oculus app, go to and follow the onscreen instructions.

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