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Oculus Go 64GB

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Product information

The Oculus Go is an all-in-one VR headset, ideal for presentations at fairs and events.

The Oculus Go has two advantages:

First, the Oculus Go is very comfortable with a relatively low purchase price making it the most popular all-in-one VR headset at the moment.

Second, the Oculus Go works in conjunction with the Oculus platform, giving you instant access to a large amount of content.

Third, the Oculus Go 64GB has more 32GB of added memory compared to the Oculus Go 32GB. This is useful if you plan on using large applications or 360-degree videos.

Furthermore, the Oculus Go should always be used in combination with the controller.

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Pros and cons

Suitable for use in presentation

Very comfortable

Wide selection of content on the Oculus VR store

Cannot be used without a controller

Smartphone needed to setup the headset

Product specifications

Built-in displayDisplay:Fast-Switch WQHD LCDCPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
ControllerRefresh Rate:72HZMemory:64 GB
Built-in audioPlatform:OculusWeight:468 grams
StandaloneResolution:2560 x 1440Color:Grey
6DoFInput:3.5 MM Audio JackMaterial:Plastic
Field of view:100 degreesWarranty:1 year

Comes with:
1x Oculus Go 64GB1x Motion Controller1x USB-C 3.0 Cable + Charging Block1x AA battery1x Glass spacerVR Expert Quickstart Guide

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We set up your VR and AR headsets for direct use, by preconfiguring the headsets and pre-installing your desired application and or 360° content.

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Support desk

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Event support

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Oculus Go

Where can I download the Oculus application and how much does it cost?

The application can be found in the Apple Store and the Google Playstore. The application is offered for free.

Can I connect headphones?

The 3.5 mm audio jack makes it possible to connect headphones.

Can you increase the internal storage memory of the headset?

No. It is not possible to insert an SD card into the headset.

What is the battery life of the Oculus Go?

The headset has a battery life of 2 hours.

Can the Oculus GO be in developer mode?

It is possible to put the headset in developer mode. (See supplied Vr expert Oculus Go Quick Guide)

Where can I install applications?

You can install the applications via the Oculus app on your phone and / or via the Oculus Store.

Is it possible to install your own applications?

It is possible to install your own created applications on the Oculus Go. For this, the headset must be in developer mode. You can install your own application by connecting the headset to the computer via a USB C cable. (See supplied VR expert Oculus Go Quick Guide).

Which phones can I connect to the Oculus Go?

Any Android phone with a software version of 6.0 Marshmallow or higher is suitable for the headset. In addition, all iPhones with iOS 10 or higher are suitable.

Does the Oculus Go have replaceable parts?

It is possible to replace various parts of the headset. Think of the controller or, for example, the glasses broken.

How robust is the Oculus Go?

The headset is made of plastic, making it a sturdy product that can take a beating.

How do you control the Oculus Go?

The headset is controlled with the supplied controller. The headset cannot be controlled without the controller.

What are the benefits of the Oculus Go?

The headset can be seen as “VR Light” because spatial tracking is not possible. The user can freely look around, which makes this system particularly interesting for 360 video. The Oculus GO review will certainly mention the high-resolution screen. The pixel density is significantly higher than the original Oculus Rift, a headset that is much more expensive to purchase.

What does an All in one / standalone virtual reality headset mean?

Standalone virtual reality glasses can function without an external PC or other device. All hardware and software is available to work autonomously. This means that in addition to a display, there is also a central processor (CPU), a graphics processor (GPU), internal memory and battery. Standalone usually uses a wireless connection to install software, although most systems can also be connected via a USB connector for maintenance. Standalone virtual reality glasses are limited by the processor power in the system, unless the option is available to pair the virtual reality with a PC or laptop. Examples of standalone virtual reality glasses are the GO, Quest, Pico G2 and G2 4K.

What can you do with the Oculus Go?

The Oculus GO is the simplest virtual reality headset in the current collection. It is a standalone model, this means that no external computer is required to use this device. The system has a built-in screen, a battery, mobile processor and a memory of 32GB or 64GB. This memory is not expandable. If you want to buy theheadset, a controller that is rotation sensitive will also be included. There are 1000+  apps with which this system offers a huge collection of virtual reality titles. In particular, it is the video-related content that matches the design of the headset. It is possible to look in all directions, but movement in space is not possible. This limits the possibilities, but it makes the GO accessible to use. For business use it is good to know that the system works on Android, it is possible to install additional custom apps.

How do you connect the Oculus to your smartphone?

You connect the headset to your smartphone via the app. Download the app here for Android and here for iPhone.

How do you install Kiosk mode?

Connect your device to the computer with a suitable USB cable and make sure that developer mode is enabled on your device (s).

For Oculus Quest, go to ( and scroll down to Enable Developer Mode.
For Oculus Go, go to ( and scroll down to Enable Developer Mode.
For Pico, go to
For Android, it is best to search your device name and “Enable Developer Mode” in Google.

Extract the downloaded file and double-click appforcer.bat to install the file. When the open window shows success, you can close the window.

Alternatives to the Oculus Go

When buying an Oculus Go, it is made easy for the user. One model is available with everything on board, the setup is simple, there are many apps that are often cheap or even free, and you can sit comfortably in your chair to use the device. Here are three alternative 3DoF VR glasses:

Pico G2
You have to look closely to see the differences, the Pico G2 and Pico G2 4K are very similar to the virtual reality glasses from Facebook. The G2 is particularly suitable for business use because of the option to limit the functionality of the device in “kiosk mode”.

Samsung Gear VR
You can call the Gear the prototype of the Go. If you own a suitable Galaxy device you can save money by simply using a Gear holder. Buying an Oculus Go is a bit easier, and you do not have to temporarily sacrifice your smartphone.

Google Daydream
This is a kind of Gear VR for smartphones that work with Google Daydream. This system has not really been a success, and is only interesting for the Google Nexus fans who only occasionally want to use virtual reality.

Buying the Oculus Go is interesting for two target groups; the average consumer who is interested in virtual reality but does not want to make it too expensive or complicated, and companies who want to present 360 video to individual users or to large groups. The limitations of the system make it a very pleasant virtual reality  headset to use without fuss.

Which Oculus to buy?

After the introduction in 2018, no new model has been released, the software is regularly updated to add new functionality such as viewing the screen externally via a television or beamer. In addition to the Go, Facebook has also included two more luxurious virtual reality glasses in the current product line; the Quest and the Rift S. They are also described on this page to indicate similarities and differences.

These virtual reality glasses are based on the 3DoF system (three degrees of freedom of movement). You can look in all directions from a fixed position. The screen is sharp, video can be displayed up to 5K resolution. The processor power is comparable to an average smartphone, the real-time 3D images are reasonable to good but not brilliant. The controller is simple and lacks the advanced functionality that more luxurious virtual reality headsets offer. Buying an Oculus Go is especially interesting if you mainly watch video with it, and do not need total freedom of movement.

This product was released a year after the introduction of the Go, and offers a number of improvements over the Go. These headsets work on the basis of 6DoF (six degrees of freedom of movement), which means that you can also move in the space around you. Two controllers are included which allows for precise interaction possibilities. And all in a standalone device without external trackers or PC. The price is higher, for 360 video the extra features offer no added value.

Rift S
The most luxurious product is the improved version of the first Oculus headset from 2016. The upgrades are not significant enough to call the headset a version 2, hence the addition “S”. Just like the Quest, the Rift S is equipped with an inside-out tracking for a spatial experience without a tracking box, this device does require the connection to a PC. The price is close to that of the Quest, the costs for a PC or laptop are not included. For long-term video viewing, the Rift S is less suitable, for convincing 3D applications this is the best choice in the Oculus product line.

Benefits Oculus Go

Easy to operate.

Relatively low price.

Large selection of apps.


High image quality.

Why buy an Oculus Go?

From a technical point of view, the second product after the Oculus Rift was a step back. It is no longer possible to physically walk around in the virtual world, even looking around the corner is no longer possible. The controller with these new headsets cannot detect depth, which is also a limitation. Still, the reviews were full of praise, and the number of apps has been overwhelming. What makes these headsets interesting, and why would you buy an Oculus Go in 2019? These questions and more are answered on this page.

In brief
The Oculus Go was developed by Facebook’s virtual reality division, and produced by Xiaomi, a major electronics company from China. The software and hardware is based on the Samsung Gear VR, with an almost identical operation and operating system. The big difference with the smartphone holder from Samsung is that all hardware is already built in here. The Go is a “standalone” device without cables with screen and processor on board. It is possible to look in all directions, movement in space is not registered. This also applies to the controller that can only detect rotation but does not recognize depth. According to the manufacturer, it is mainly a device for “media consumption”, which means watching videos and playing simple games. The simple operation and relatively low entry price makes it interesting for a large group of new users to buy the Oculus Go. In addition, it has also been a hit in the business sector.

History Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is the second headset from Oculus and was launched in 2018. It is a standalone headset, no PC or laptop is required to control the system. Operation is via the included controller, which in addition to buttons can also register movement. The Oculus App Store has 1000+ titles. This system is the result of the collaboration with Samsung, the software is almost identical to the Samsung Gear VR glasses. This time no smartphone is needed, all hardware is built in. The system was designed by Oculus and is being built by Mii, which sells the same headset in China under its own brand name with a local App Store.

About Oculus
Oculus was founded in 2012 and has been part of the Facebook group since 2014. The Oculus DK1 is the first “modern”  headset that started as a Kickstarter campaign. After the Rift was launched in 2016, the Go followed in 2018, In May 2019 their third VR glasses were released; the Quest.

Technical specifications

Standalone VR headset
LED-LCD display
2560 x 1440 resolution
60Hz-72Hz refresh rate
101 degrees viewing angle
32GB or 64GB internal memory (not expandable)
Built-in speakers
Movement over 3 axes
1x VR controller

What makes the Go special?

Standalone VR headset: The Go is one of the first headsets that works completely self-sufficient. No PC or laptop is required as is the case with the more luxurious Rift, nor is a smartphone required as with the Google Cardboard or Gear VR.
Little space required: The 3DoF system limits the user to one fixed position. Free roaming is not possible, making the system suitable for sitting or standing applications. This can offer an advantage in locations with limited room to move.
Controller: The controller cannot detect depth either, but movement across all axes is registered. This increases the user experience and enables highly interactive applications.
Sharp image: With a 2560 x 1440 image resolution, the Oculus Go screen is among the best in its class. Video is razor sharp provided the source is of good quality. The housing can be used with most spectacle frames.
Wide range of apps: With 1000+ titles, the Go offers something for everyone. Most titles are also available for the Gear VR, but only the Go has support for 72 Hz picture, which can significantly reduce nausea for some users.
Android operating system: The interface is a “shell” over a standard Android OS. This simplifies the development of custom applications and offers developers space for extra possibilities.
Competitively priced: Facebook does not get rich from this product, the purchase price hardly covers the costs for hardware and development of the system. These headsets are “priced to sell”.

Limitations to take into account
Quite simply put, this headset is equipped with smartphone technology, which limits the graphic quality. You do not notice this with video, but with games there is a difference with the headsets for PC. Motion tracking is limited to three axes, so you cannot move in space. With sitting or standing experiences, that is not really a significant limitation, with apps where the user has to move physically, 3DoF offers a less convincing effect. The battery lasts between two and three hours, it is possible to connect the device to the mains with a USB cable. For heavy users, the maximum memory of 64GB can be an obstacle. It is not possible to expand the memory.

VR for business use
There are plenty of titles between the 1000+ apps that can be used for business purposes. The educational titles in particular are sometimes very impressive to see. For 360 degree video, the standard gallery can be used, or the free YouTube app. It is of course possible to have custom titles developed that are published via the App Store. Because the Go works on the basis of the Android operating system, it is possible to install your own applications via “sideloading”. It is also possible to use the glasses in “kiosk” mode, which limits the standard interactive functions, making the device suitable for the exhibition floor. The limited movement (3DoF) in combination with a wireless design makes the Go a good choice for business applications.

The Go is the second product of Oculus VR, and has received many positive reactions from the press and users. The App Store is abundantly filled, the wireless system is very user-friendly and the image quality is at a very high level. In combination with a competitive price, these are interesting Virtual Reality glasses that are particularly suitable for 360 video. If you really need 6DoF spatial virtual reality, these glasses are too limited, for casual use and business applications, this is rightly a popular product.


How do you set up a gamepad with the Oculus Go?

Turn on your headset and open the Oculus app on your phone.
1. Click Settings in the bottom menu.
2. Click the headset you want to pair the gamepad to and wait for your phone to connect to your headset.
3. In the drop-down menu, click Controller.
4. Click Pair New Controller.
5. Click Link Gamepad
6. Turn on your gamepad and set the gamepad to be found via Bluetooth.
7. On your phone, click the gamepad that you want to connect to your headset.

Which smartphones can you use for the Oculus Go?

You can connect any Android smartphone with software version 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and any iPhone with software version iOS 10 or higher to the headset.

How to configure the Oculus Go

To configure the Oculus Go you must first download the Oculus app on your smartphone. Connect wirelessly between your headset and smartphone and follow the steps on the screen.

How long does the battery last?

The Oculus Go has a battery life of 1.5 to 2 hours.

What is the best use of the Oculus Go for?

Buying an Oculus Go is especially interesting if you will mainly watch video with it and do not need total freedom of movement.

Can you get more memory?

No, this is not possible.

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