AR Cardboard


AR Cardboard

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With the AR Cardboard you can easily view AR content in depth (3D-stereoscopic). This gives a similar experience to that found with the Microsoft Hololens, but with your own smartphone.

The AR Cardboard consists of one part that can easily be folded together. You can have the AR Cardboard produced entirely in your house style. Download the design template below and start creating your design. If you need help with the design you can always contact us.

Since we manage the entire production ourselves, we can customize your AR Cardboards as desired.

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Pros and cons

Easily foldable

Suitable for all smartphones

Limited to the resolution of you smartphone

Product specifications

Smartphone protectionItemSize in cmWeight
Interaction with smartphoneCardboard15.8 x 5.9 x 20,4116 grams
MaterialE-Flute Cardboard 70 gramsGiftbox22 x 21.5 x 1.565 grams
Fresnel lensStrength +5.5, Cylinder 0.25
Fresnel lens size145 mm * 62 mm
PrintFull Colour/ Fully Customizable


AR Cardboard

What is the best way to use the AR box?

Cardboard AR is ideal for the presentation of 3D models. In combination with the associated app, you can easily display your own 3D objects, the depth of which is not possible on a standard screen. The ability to print this product makes it an interesting promotional item.

What is the difference between the AR Cardboard and the Microsoft Hololens?

The Microsoft is a premium mixed reality glasses with all hardware on board to enable a high quality experience. Cardboard is less advanced and much cheaper. This product uses mobile devices intelligently and turns smartphones into mixed reality glasses at a fraction of the price, including the option for custom printing.

For which smartphones are the AR-Cardboards suitable?

To work with AR Cardboard compatible applications, the smartphone must have a gyroscope. Most smartphones from the past 3 years have this feature. On this website you can find more information about whether your phone is compatible with augmented reality.

Are there certain requirements for a telephone?

The AR Cardboard is designed to work with most smartphones. Android and Apple with screen sizes of up to 15 cm fit in the AR Cardboard.

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